Our Story

Our Agency, Galler Rimm Behavioral Health Services, consists of child, adolescent, and adult psychiatry,  developmental and behavioral pediatrics, and ABA services. GRBHS offers a comprehensive, strength-based, and solution-focused approach to challenges faced by children, adolescents, youth in transition to adulthood, and adults. As such, we strive to define a specific treatment plan that is clearly understood, makes sense, and has value to each patient, family member, and/or any other significant person who may be in a caring and supportive role.

We identify and focus on outcomes, and take into account any psychiatric, behavioral, cultural, or other significant matters as indicated when addressing behavioral/psychiatric conditions. Our attention to family and cultural values and practices is often essential to our treatment. Our treatments combine evidenced based practices for psychiatric and behavioral disorders while utilizing a variety of other well established therapeutic interventions to promote competence and practical outcomes. While many clients are treated without the need for medication, when medication is indicated, we provide years of experience utilizing psychiatric medications in a manner consistent with our patients’ values and needs. Our “outcome focused” treatments take into account the patient’s strengths and valued resources in order to explore the patient’s potential and opportunities. We devise clear goals and measure outcomes in order to adjust treatment as necessary. Our services promote the rights and needs of our patients to be individuals as well as their rights and needs to be appropriately engaged with others. We work closely with other mental health physicians, healthcare providers, educational facilities and other social agencies, in efforts to define and promote a “whatever it takes” approach.