Autism Specialists of the Pacific

GRBH’s Autism Services

Autism Specialists of the Pacific (ASOP) strives to improve the lives of children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their families through a collaborative model and the use of evidence-based practices. 

ASOP offers a comprehensive, strength-based, and solution-focused approach to challenges faced by children with ASD. After a diagnosis is established based on clinical standards, we strive to define a specific treatment plan that is based on best practice parameters and that is clearly understood, makes sense, and has value to the patient, family members, and/or any other significant person who may be in a caring and supportive role. As such our treatment for ASD includes the use of  Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). ABA  is utilized to teach your child skills that replace problem behaviors which may be interfering with your child’s development, and to in turn increase positive behaviors.

Our ABA services are unique in that services are comprehensive and are delivered in conjunction with our psychiatrist and developmental/behavioral pediatrician.  In addition, our BCBA not only devises the behavior support plan, but she work directly with your child in delivering the treatment plan. Parents are also considered very much part of the treatment team and are provided with the necessary tools and training to successfully support their child’s learning through parent education programs outside of sessions as well as during therapy sessions.