Professional football player, Elvis Kamana-Matagi suffered from depression, anxiety, unstable moods, and sleepless nights after suffering multiple head injuries from years of playing college and professional football. He went to countless doctors on Maui to seek treatment, but none of the traditional treatments and medications were helping him.

Before Treatment: Sleepless, Depressed, Angry, and Anxious

While playing Division 1 college football and professional football overseas, Elvis sustained multiple concussions. The repeated trauma to the brain had lasting effects when he returned home to Maui.

“I was having a hard time sleeping,” Elvis explained. “I’d go a few days without sleep. Basically, without my sleep I just can’t really function.” His depression and anxiety were exacerbated by forgetting to eat. This all led to an uncontrollable temper.

“I was getting mad for no reason. And I think the biggest thing about it was I couldn’t calm down. I could stay mad for days,” Elvis shared in an interview.

Elvis felt he’d be dismissed or brushed off if he sought treatment for his head injuries from the team doctors while he was playing football. Despite having concussions, he continued to show up for games and practice. Due to the nature of the sport, the head trauma only got worse with multiple concussions.

Elvis’s mother, Yasmine Noyes, just knew something wasn’t right. She sought out doctors on Oahu and Maui looking for answers. “We found out that the front of his brain wasn’t working right,” Yasmine uttered as she began to get emotional. “There was no movement because he had too many concussions from football.”

After Treatment: Relaxed and Rested

PrTMS (personal repetitive Transcranial Stimulation) is the only thing that has helped him to get his life back on track,” observed Yasmine.

Elvis’ time spent doing the treatments is so relaxing that he’s able to fall asleep during the session. After his 30-minute treatment, he is less anxious, more relaxed, and gets better rest at home.

“It’s probably been the best thing for me so far,” remarked Elvis. “Better than medication. Better than any other treatments they put me through. This has been the best one. I see the most results from this.”

Jarod and Dr. Rimm noted, “Such a pleasure being with the real Elvis following such suffering.”

Brain Waves Maui

Galler Rimm Behavioral Health Services offers this powerful new therapy at their Brain Waves Maui. prTMS identifies brainwave “arrhythmias” during the brain mapping process and then stimulates particular areas of the brain to help restore neuronal harmony. Patients experiencing symptoms associated with head injuries, depression, anxiety, PTSD, Autism, sleep disorders, migraines and other mental health conditions will receive a customized treatment that is non-invasive and drug-free. To inquire about prTMS, call the office at (808) 572-4500 or visit their website at and select the section “ Brain Waves Maui”.