Elvis’s story

Bobby’s story

It has been my experience that Dr. Gabi is kind, extremely professional, and genuinely committed to her practice. It is wildly difficult to find a health care provider who is interested in their patients as people, rather than just numbers and letters on a chart. Dr. Gabi is one of these people.

Ruby M.

 I’m happy to say it’s been 10 years since becoming a patient of Dr. Rimm. My other doctor had me on about 10 different medications and I am now only on 3! Can you imagine how my life was being on so many medications at once for so long? I have so much respect for Dr. Rimm. I now smile and have more laughter than I did previous to seeing him. He has helped me understand my life and how to change it for the better. I’m not there yet, but I will get there with Dr. Rimm’s help. When you’re in his office, it does not feel like an appointment. It’s an hour of learning who you are and how to deal with our world today. His knowledge is over the top reaching those wonderful soft clouds. If there is anyone out there who needs help, all you need is an hour with Dr. Rimm. From depression, parenting to empty nesters and getting family’s back together, he is the one that can bring your smile back once again.


Best choice I ever made regarding this type of care. Extremely high recommendation.